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10 Reasons Why Electric Bikes are Perfect for Commuters

If you're a commuter, you may be tired of sitting in traffic or crammed onto crowded public transportation. That's where electric bikes come in. With their assistive technology and efficient design, ebikes have become an increasingly popular choice for commuters. In this post, we'll go over 10 reasons why electric bikes are perfect for commuters.

1. Efficiency

An electric bike is a more efficient way to commute than driving a car or taking public transportation — especially for shorter distances. It's also more affordable, as the cost of electricity to charge an ebike battery is much lower than the cost of gas or public transportation fares — on average, it costs about 7 cents to fully charge an electric bike. So if you charged your bike every day, you’d spend about $25 per year to charge your electric bike.

2. Faster than driving in traffic

On average, drivers spend 54 hours a year sitting in traffic. With an ebike, you can skip the traffic jams and take shortcuts. You can easily reach speeds of 20-28 mph on a typical electric bike, and even higher on electric mountain bikes. Across the country, cities are also investing heavily in making bike riding safer on public roads (more on this below) by adding dedicated bike lanes or improving or fortifying existing lanes. Riding an ebike in dedicated bike lanes allow you to navigate vehicle congested roads with the freedom of a bicycle but the speed and efficiency of a faster mode of transportation.

3. Riding a bike has real health benefits

An electric bike still requires pedaling, so you can get a workout while commuting. What’s better, for those looking to get a workout in just one direction of their commute, ebikes allow you to adjust the assist level to fit your fitness level or desired fitness output, meaning you can have a smooth ride into work, and give yourself that challenging workout on the way home when you want.

4. Electric bikes are easier to ride

Electric bikes are very user-friendly, and with the assist, they require less effort to ride than traditional bikes. This makes them perfect for older adults or anyone with physical limitations. Many electric bikes also come with step-thru designs, making them both easy and safe to get on regardless of age, clothing, or experience level.

5. No need to arrive sweaty

Commuting by bike can be a sweaty experience, but with an electric bike, the assist can help you get to your destination without breaking a sweat. This is particularly true on those hot summer days; e-bikes prevent those unfortunate moments of arriving at work sweaty only to realize you don’t have a change of clothes or a place to clean up.

Image of a women riding an commuter electric bike through a city

6. Riding an e-bike is environmentally friendly

Electric bikes produce fewer emissions than cars, making them a more environmentally friendly commuting option. On top of that, by riding your bike instead of driving or riding in a car, you’re making other drivers more efficient as well since roads are less congested, so it’s a win for everyone involved

7. Commuting by bike is safer than ever

Over the past several years, bike adoption has grown in every city across the country. As a result, local governments have invested substantially in ensuring the safety and security of bike riders in their cities. Cities have introduced dedicated bike lanes on major streets, repaved and expanded existing bike lanes, converted abandoned railroad tracks into commuter biking trials, and retrofitted entire streets into bikeways; in certain cities, it’s entirely possible to now commute by bike with minimal to no interaction with cars traveling the exact same roads

8. Riding electric bikes is fun — especially compared to driving in traffic

Commuting can be a monotonous experience, but an electric bike can make it fun and exciting. You'll look forward to your ride each day; consider a fat tire electric bike if you're really looking to level up your fun and comfort

9. E-bikes are long-lasting

Electric bikes are built to last, and with proper maintenance, they can provide years of reliable use. Compared to cars, the amount of maintenance required to maintain an electric bike is minimal, and exponentially less expensive

10. Bikes are customizable to whatever you need on your commute

The power of an electric bike is measured in watts, and you can choose a bike with a wattage that fits your needs. There are also many different styles of electric bikes, including electric mountain bikes and step-thru electric bikes, so you can find the best electric bike for your commute. And if you need to carry a bag, groceries (or even a kiddo), many electric bikes come standard with cargo racks and built-in basket mounting brackets for even more storage.


Electric bikes for adults are a perfect choice for commuters who want an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-ride mode of transportation. With their assistive technology and customizable design, electric bikes are a great investment for anyone who wants to save time and money on their commute while still getting exercise and having fun.

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